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  • Exploring the Dress Daggers of the German Navy

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    Exploring the Dress Daggers of the German Navy is another "MUST HAVE" reference book for the serious collector of WW2 German Daggers.  Volume III of the "Exploring" series is a 550 page, hard cover title with dust jacket. There are more than 700 professional photographs with over 100 printed in full color. The text follows the development of the Naval Dress Dirk after it was first introduced by Prussia as an official pattern in 1848. The book details the wearing tradition of the dirk as it continued to be carried by the German Navy for the next century, finally ending with the defeat of the Kriegsmarine in World War II. All periods are supplemented with rare in-wear photographs. With each buoyant era of German history the Naval dress dirk was altered to reflect changes in government status and the mood of the times. The book addresses all patterns together with the multitudes of beautiful and fascinating variations appearing over the one hundred year wearing time. To give life and perspective to each pattern, the history of the apropos period is covered with each chapter. There are a total of 28 Chapters. No reference has ever be written to equal this massive culmination of research - common and ultra-rare, Imperial, Weimar and 3rd Reich - over 15 years in the making. In addition to Naval dirks, the impressive gilded swords and detailed miniature types from all periods are also included. There are separate chapters dealing with the special dirks and swords of the Imperial royal family; the magnificent Naval Diamonds Honour dirks awarded to U-Boat heroes and retiring admirals, Presentation and Prize dirks of the Kriegsmarine; in-depth studies of the signature fittings, blade etches and scabbards attributable to specific manufacturers; rare maker and scant variation production; the impressive custom-etched, gold and blue inlay and damascus blades of all periods; the personal dirks of several U-Boat commanders - both Imperial Blue Max winners and Knight's Cross awardees. And, much, much more. Most photography is the work of acclaimed edged weapons photomeister, Charles Jenkins, III. All known current information is covered within this Exploring the Dress Daggers of the German Navy reference book. Contributors include the world's foremost collecting community. Accuracy has been confirmed through intensive chapter-by-chapter review and consul with prominent Dutch Naval expert, Jan Pieter Puype. The complicated and tenuous editing function has once again been favorably tackled by William Warda, Jr. insuring a pleasurable, understandable "read" for all collectors - advanced or beginning. This quality reference will stand the test of time. No expense was spared in the printing, binding or dustcover. Satisfaction unconditionally guaranteed.  Get your copy of Mr. Wittmann's famous Book " Exploring the Dress Daggers of the German Navy" today.