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  • Luftwaffe and Heer Paratrooper Badges

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    This book on WW2 German Luftwaffe and Heer Paratrooper Badges is a must have for serious German Badge Collectors. "This is the most comprehensive and detailed book yet written about the German Luftwaffe and Heer Paratrooper Badges of WW2. EVERY variant of the Paratrooper Badge is shown, even if the difference was as small as a slightly different catch or hinge or even rivet style. This completeness surely led to the enormous size of the book for such a narrow topic, 624 pages in total. The pictures are as big as possible so that collectors can identify and learn to recognize even the smallest details on each badge's obverse. The book has a slightly larger book format than Durantes previous CCC book (size is 8" x 10"). This larger size allowed for bigger pictures as well as more room for descriptive text. The contents: - 4 page spread on each and every Luftwaffe and Heer Paratrooper Badge variant from each and every maker - Precise measurements and data for each badge - Indepth study of Award Regulations & Badge Construction - Award Cases (20 unique types shown) - Cloth badges (both Luftaffe & Heer) - Award Documents (both Luftwaffe & Heer) - 1957 Badges (both Luftwaffe & Heer) - Miniatures - Most dangerous Reproductions encountered This book will be the benchmark for Paratrooper Badges. Very well written and understandable text as well as excellent quality photos will make it unsurpassable for years to come."